Concept of operation

The Forward Repair System NATO (FRSN) is a dismountable maintenance module built on a reinforced logistics flat rack. The FRSN allows combat repair teams to go forward to the location of a downed combat or tactical vehicle and repair the vehicle on-site.

The FRSN can easily replace a power pack and get the vehicle back in the battle quickly, eliminating the need to drag the vehicle back to the unit collection point. With the on-board crane, air compressor, tactical quiet generator, welder, cutting and full range of diagnostic and hand tools, the FRSN crew will be equipped for almost any maintenance task.

The FRSN is transported and carried by a tactical truck and can be operational on the ground within 5 minutes of arrival. The FRSN provides a one-stop maintenance and repair shop for tactical field and forward base operations.

The FRSN is a state-of-art system capability to fulfill the dynamic demands of the modern warfighter in a wide spectrum of combat operations – far beyond any other systems available.

Technical specifications

  • Generator: 70 kVA, 230/400V, 50Hz tactical generator. Powering all subsystems simultaneously. Multifuel (F54, F34/JP8 and F35/A1).
  • Crane: Lifting 7 ton in 4m radius and 5m height. Stabilizers support multiple positions. 360 degrees operation. Wireless remote control.
  • Air Compressor: 900 l/min and 10 bar electrical compressor. 100 liters storage vessel. Integrated hose reel and air distribution line.
  • Welding cabinet: Retractable holder for storage of up to four pressurized air vessels. Dedicated hose reels for easy usage.
  • Tool Load: Stored in cabinet and drawer system customized for desired operational profile and vehicle setup. Multiple GFE options.
  • Shelter: Foldable sides with PVC fabric screen increases sheltered working area. Lashing points for securing spare parts and cargo.
  • Power consumption: Max 63A (grid) – Max 85A (Generator)
  • Standards: CE, CSC, STANAG, AECTP and ISO
  • Dimensions: 1CC 20’ container footprint (6058x2580x2438mm)
  • Weight: 9.500 to 12.000 kg (configuration dependable)

System Layout

  • 01 Workshop shelter
  • 02 Workshop shelter sides, expandable
  • 03 Workshop roof, reinforced and insulated
  • 04 Electrical cabinet, main
  • 05 Electrical grid power inlet
  • 06 Crane
  • 07 Crane hook block
  • 08 Crane control board
  • 09 Crane stabilizers, 3-step positions
  • 10 Crane 24V emergency inlet
  • 11 Generator
  • 12 Generator control board
  • 13 Generator air intake and dust filter
  • 14 Air compressor with hose and storage tank
  • 15 Flatrack, reinforced
  • 16 Flatrack lifting hook
  • 17 Tool cabinets with custom foam inserts

System Layout

  • 01 Crane stabilizer plate
  • 02 Holder for crane stabilizer plates
  • 03 Cabinet, long items and tools
  • 04 Cabinet, chains and lifting equipment
  • 05 Cabinet, jerry cans
  • 06 Cabinet, welding
Workshop equipment and tool cabinets
GFE tools in custom designed drawers

Main Components

Shelter Assembly: The FRSN shelter assembly is a cube-shaped enclosure approximately 2200x2200x2300mm square with a reinforced ceiling. The doors on each side of the shelter hinge out to provide additional covered area. The shelter assembly houses and stores the majority of the FRSN tool load. Equipment is stowed and secured in cabinets and customized drawers. A detachable PVC fabric screen can snap around the open shelter to provide additional protection during inclement weather.

Crane: The FRSN crane can move and replace major components from tracked and wheeled vehicles, including the 6.800 kg heavy power pack from the Leopard 2 main battle tank. The crane is capable of lifting and maneuvering up to 7.000 kg in a 4m radius and 5m height from the rear. Stabilizing jacks are deployed during the operation of the crane for full stabilization.

Main Components

Generator: The FRSN is powered by a 70 kVA diesel generator. The generator is capable of simultaneously providing electrical power for all subsystems, including lighting, induction heater and power take-off for the crane. The FRSN can be connected to an external power source like a transporting vehicle or camp grid.

Air Compressor: The FRSN includes an electrical compressor capable of providing more than 900 liters per minute and more than 10 bars with 100-liter storage vessel. The air compressor supplies air for on-board pneumatic tools, inflation of tires and compressed air cleaning.

Tool Load: The FRSN contains multiple storage cabinets for tools and lashing points for securing of heavy spare parts and cargo. Foam organizers allow for visual inventory of tools and equipment. Current welding and cutting capability includes shielded metal arc, metal inert gas, induction heater and exothermic cutting/ brazing. Shelter interior and tool load is modular for ease of customization.


The new FRSN is improved and modernized beyond the original concept with several features, including a heavy-duty crane capable of lifting and replacing the 6.800 kg heavy power pack of the Leopard 2 main battle tank.

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